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“The crystalline structure of a crystal will respond in unique and precise ways to a wide spectrum of energies including heat, light, pressure, sound electricity, gamma rays, microwaves, bioelectricity, and even the energies of consciousness…. In response to these varying energetic inputs, the molecular structure of the crystal will undergo particular modes of oscillation, thereby creating specific vibratory frequencies of energy emission.
The functions of these energy emissions are numerous and include reception, reflection, refraction, magnification, transduction, amplification, focusing, transmutation, transference, transformation, storage…stabilization, modulation, balancing, and transmittance.”
-Richard Gerber, MD



Throughout all of recorded history, humans have had an attraction and affinity for gemstones. Everyone from kings, pharaohs, monarchs, and businessmen, to artisans, shamans, scientists, and commoners-everyone honored the power of stones and worked with them for various purposes. Those purposes included healing the body, balancing the mind and emotions, defending against evil spirits, attracting good spirits, communicating with the spiritual realm, honoring ancestors, honoring idols/gods, bringing about a desired outcome, and, as a general aid in personal or community rituals.


What is a Crystal?

“Crystal” is defined as physical matter whose atoms are arranged in geometric, repeating, mathematically precise patterns extending in all three spatial directions.


How are Crystals formed?

Crystals form through various natural processes that take place within the Earth. They can form through the interaction of gases, magma, and lava near the Earth’s surface, from hydrous solutions and bodies of water in the Earth’s interior, or from minerals being under great pressure and high temperatures deep in the Earth’s crust.


Properties of Crystals

The unique properties of crystals give them a broad range of energetic uses. Crystals have the ability to act as conductors and semi-conductors of energy, which allows them to receive, store, transmit, transform, resonate with, and amplify many types of energy on the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. For example, EM energy from a crystal can be converted to light energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, sound energy, or magnetic energy. Crystals also have a property called piezoelectricity, an attribute that allows them to generate electromagnetic energy when they’re exposed to heat or put under pressure. These physical properties make crystals a valuable energy tool and also gives them a wide range of uses in modern technology.


Crystals in modern technology

The unique physical properties of crystals make them very useful is today’s modern technology. Crystal technology is used in computers, televisions, computer chips, radios, watches, and lasers just to name a few. Many instruments that are used to accurately measure energy utilize crystal technology, including solar panels and solar cells, space shuttles, transistors, and satellites.



Resonance is an important attribute of crystal energy. Resonance is a property that allows crystals to synchronize their internal electromagnetic frequency to match an external EM frequency. When two EM waves come into resonance with each other, they amplify one another and create a more stable vibration. The result of crystal resonance is the creation of stronger, more consistent energy patterns, which we as humans can use to balance and enhance our own energy patterns.


Crystals and the human body

Both the human body and gemstones are made from the same elements and organic minerals that the Earth is composed of. Something else humans and gemstones have in common is they both possess a crystalline structure. Gemstones are solid crystals, while humans resemble liquid crystals. Crystalline structures inside the Earth help regulate the flow of electromagnetic energy throughout the Earth, and similar structures do the same for the EM energy in human bodies. The liquid crystalline structure of humans makes us completely coherent on the molecular level, which is how our human organism communicates with itself and coordinates its bodily functions.

The crystalline structure of both humans and gemstones allows them to easily receive, transmit, exchange, and amplify energy. The crystal structure of the gemstone and the crystal structure of the human body create a resonance which allows for the giving and receiving of energy between humans and crystals.

The EM frequencies carried and emitted by the stone interact with the EM frequencies of the human body (aura). The central nervous system picks up on these frequencies and initiates the electrical and chemical signals between the brain and body that correspond with those particular functions of energy.






OSO Collective

The purpose of the OSO Collective is to explore ideas that will benefit the common good. We are about creating constructive dialogue in an effort to build better relationships amongst people. We want people to discuss common interests and develop plans of action to improve their communities. We support becoming empowered as individuals and empowered as a community in an effort to improve the quality of our lives. The OSO collective is about everyone coming together as one people to create a better world.