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ROCK Your Power - Lost in Chicago

To the homies who transitioned in Chicago... Dalmation Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Tourmalated Quartz, Moonstone, Tiger Iron, with the Black Onyx bracelet.

Story of the Hematite Skull


I was always weary of crystal skulls because to me the skull subconsciously stood for death. I ended up attending a lecture by this woman who was presenting on crystal skulls, and she had with her a Quartz crystal skull the size of a volleyball. She led an exercise where she allowed people to come up one at a time and put their hand on the skull in an attempt to intuit a message. She explained how ancient cultures used crystal skulls to store information, which made sense to me because one of the ways crystals are used in modern technology is to store information, for example the silicon chips in computers that utilize a crystal lattice structure. 


So at the workshop, I saw an opportunity to test the crystal skull theory. I walked up and put my hand on the top of the skull and I closed my eyes to see if I could feel the vibration. Needless to say, within seconds my entire palm was vibrating with a steady energy pulse. Since we were in the middle of a workshop I didn't stay up there too long, but I could definitely tell the crystal skull could be used as a valuable meditation tool. 


The next time I went to purchase crystals I made a point to purchase a crystal skull. I chose Hematite because of its grounding properties, because I believe this movement is about bringing the spiritual into the physical, and because of it's potential for magnetism. I've had nothing but positive experiences with my Hematite skull and I want my next purchase to be a pure Quartz skull like the one I interacted with at the workshop.


Overall the experience afforded me two valuable reminders. One, do not place such a firm judgment on something without all the information. And two, it is not our life experiences that determine our reality, but rather it is our reactions to our life experiences that determine our reality. So it is our internal experiences we must master, not our external experiences. 


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