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Color: Orange, Tan Inclusions

Energetic Properties: Passion, Sexuality, Confidence, Increases Vitality, Life Force, Courage in Action

Composition: Silicon Dioxide; SiO2, with Inclusions of Iron Oxide


Chakras: 2nd-Sexual, 1st-Root, 3rd-Solar Plexus 


More info: Carnelian is also known as the "Blood of Isis." It is a form of Chalcedony possibly named after its likeness to the kornel cherry. Carnelian is also related to Sardonyx, and the orange color comes from impurities of iron oxide. It was used for many purposes by ancient civilizations, including Crete, Rome, Assyria, Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, and the Hebrews. In Islam, the prophet Muhammad wore a ring of Carnelian on his right hand. The stone can be found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, and the USA.

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